Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Parasites

This is an allegory about how the politicians are controlled by corporations.

The Parasites

The leaders of our nation, the United States of America, are infected with parasites that were uncovered in mining operations in tropical countries around the world. The first direct infection occurred when survivors of a mine collapse were rescued and visited the president of the United States in ceremony and celebration. The entire Federal government was thereby infected through proximity over the ensuing months. Now the leaders are proposing and implementing harsher and harsher policies such as mandatory fifty hour work weeks and day camps for people to send their children to.

Research has shown that people who are healthy and not starving have fewer children. Humanity is starving itself purposely in a flawed belief of innate laziness in humanity. This causes them to create conditions where people are oppressed because enough jobs are not being produced for the people, there is not enough training to produce the proper skills, and the type of work available is destructive to the environment and the overall health of the planet. This entire process is exacerbating the problem of population growth and stress on environmental resources.

The parasites afflicting the planet are nature's answer to this dilemma. The only way to stop them is to create a different and healthier methodology. We must give up the norms and beliefs with which we have indoctrinated ourselves and create a more fair and equal society. We must go back to the lifestyles of those we once felt destined to civilize. We must realize that we are the brutes who paved over paradise and destroyed once beautiful habitats. We must lose our sense of ego and recognize the beauty in all human beings and create a communal and shared existence. Only then can we restore the health of the community and the parasites will fade away.

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