Thursday, March 29, 2012

On Society and Capitalism

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I believe that copyrights are actually holding us back rather than spurring innovation. More designs are blocked via copyright laws, more innovations held back and not developed, than are created with this incentive for large dollar profits. We as a society are working too much. That is what is destroying the planet. Work uses energy. We need a change of mindset and societal structure to make a healthier world, not some technological advance. One thing I don't understand is how people think the very system that is causing the problems in the world is going to suddenly do a 180 and save it.

This privatizition craze and constant trend to the right is also troubling. With no public land or entities left everything would be owned by the rich. The only free people would be the ones who conform to society. Spending 8 hours a day inside is too much and outside is destroyed mostly. We should be able to set up tents in the park if we want to. There should be alternatives to houses and apartment buildings. Monotony is coded into law. The lack of variety and options are difficult to reconcile with this popular conceived notion of a free society which people believe we live in.

Monday, March 5, 2012

On Freedom

We live within a framework of laws and infrastructure, roads and buildings, a manicured, bulldozed, framework of society; to what extent we are free within that framework is arguable but there is a framework to which we must conform.

Is an ant free in an ant colony? Can the ant leave and join a bee hive? No, it must be an ant. It would never occur to the ant to leave the colony and venture off to independence because it exists within a boundary that it cannot experience the outside of.

So freedom is a relative concept most often tossed around in banter and rhetoric as opposed to any meaningful discourse on the human condition.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Positive Attitude Lack of Fear Key to Success

It sounds cliche but having lived through depression, sense of helplessness, and negative attitude I know it is true from personal experience that in order to succeed you must believe you will succeed and have the attitude that you will succeed.

You are going to get through whatever it is you are going through. You will survive as you have always done in the past. Somehow, someway you will get through. It is the fear that is scary but we must rid ourselves of the fear and just comfort ourselves with the knowledge that someway or another we will still be sustaining ourselves.

We must approach each job or day for that matter with this deep seated knowledge that we will succeed and our attitude will show that with positivity and optimism. This will contribute to our success. For example when employers look at my blog and see this they will be much more likely to hire me than when they see my previous anti-wall street post although both reflect my personality and views of life, but this one is more likely to get me ahead professionally so to speak.

Just something to think about perhaps when we find ourselves in a negative mood.