Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raining In Cayenne - Thought Kernels

Structured Society

Born into a structured society and thus not free
It may be hard to find a job you like without a degree
A degree involves going to school but school may not be for you
Sitting in a chair being lectured at,
With so many things with the potential to distract
So much background noise can destroy our poise
Images on tv and expensive toys
Commercials and advertisements displaying girls and boys
Featuring many things both positive and negative
And these are mainly from a white person's cultural perspective

Corporate Dependence

People buy each other nice things to show how much they care
To show that they are loved
Yet pennies are handed down from the hands of those above
The livelihoods of many depend on the corporate structure
Crossing international boundaries
Transcending national identities
Corporate control and dependence.

Business Man

Thinks the world revolves around him
About him does the world spin
He can do it so can you
Lazy poor with nothing to do
Builds his ego around career
Controls his life from far and near
Whatever thoughts where he must go
Delusions of grandeur are in his thro'

(No harm meant to any specific business men. Just my personal expression.)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Acoustic guitar arpeggio strum with bass guitar.

The End of Aging Ch. 3 - Reconsidering

Chapter 2


People begin playing music and singing and Simone speaks during a break in the pageantry. “I personally do not like guns or violence. I believe peaceful resistance is the key to achieving our goals. I believe we should work to create our own services for our people and end our reliance on the system set up by the powerful and long lasting elite group. That way we can end our dependence on them and be self-sufficient.”
Tom puts down his drum and replies, “Funny we went through all that effort to get the guns.”
“Yes.” says Simone. “We can hand them out as mantelpiece decorations for those who wish to have them. They are artful pieces.”

Chapter 4

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The End of Aging Ch. 2 - The Poor Evolt

Chapter 1

II.The Poor Evolt

Plotting from their underground bunker, Joe and Jan meet with the clan to discuss the takeover plan. They just want to be left alone so they are going to march the elite out of their 'hood. John calls out from the back of the dimly lit room, “Are there going to be enough A.K.'s?”
“I believe so.” Joe responds from the front. “We've got 10,000 automatic rifles in all. About 6,000 A.K.'s, a couple thousand Kalashnikov's, and an assorted allotment of other revolutionary gear. We plan to storm the streets Thursday at daybreak.”
“Wooohoo!” Erupts from the gathered throng.
Katrina stands up in the center of the room. “We've got to watch out for the National Guard.”
“Indeed we should.” Karim replies standing nearby.
“Okay then.” Jan says. “Bust out the guitars and the drums and let's have some fun!”

Chapter 3

Monday, February 8, 2010

bm d em g

Acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and electric guitar instrumental.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

All The Garbage

Turn the volume down at first. I need to cut that hiss out at the beginning. My brother wrote this song and is singing.

Rock Out Super Style

Rockin' out during the Super Bowl.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hell On Earth - The End of Aging

Hell On Earth

Death is a part of life which we will all experience. Until one day when the elite figure out a way to stop aging in the human body and create a situation in which all of our bodies behave like children's bodies, creating new cells as old ones die off. In this manner older people will regress back to their childhood states. They may be able to choose an age they would like to remain at.

Of course this offer will most likely only be given to the rich and the elite who can afford it. The poor will be allowed to die. The rich will then continue to have families and raise children and only the poor will be allowed to die in true Capitalistic style. The dead will look upon the people of Earth from their place eternal or will if they can. They may not be able to see the people of Earth but Earth will have become the eternal hell for those who choose to remain for they will not experience the natural course of life but will remain in an artificial state on a decaying planet. The joke will be on them.

The rest of the people will experience the beauty of the ever-after and the natural course of existence.

Chapter 2