Friday, May 28, 2010

North Carolina trip - Striving for the Best

North Carolina – Striving for the Best

When I was in North Carolina I was out of my element but still had my same hangups. Looking for friends and making good decisions were both very difficult especially considering old habits and anti-social behavior. In my need for friendship I made friends with the most available and friendly people I came across however these turned out not to be the most healthy people to have developed friendships with. That and also not realizing I was not committed to being in a new state, cut short my stay there by at least a week.

The Blue Ridge mountains are beautiful and fun to drive through. Daniel Boone state forest runs through there.

I was given a job down there, through the company I was working for with the temp' service, helping out in the office of an apartment community consisting of 9 buildings or so. I was doing general office work, showing apartments, making deposits, and answering the phones. This was a fun experience but like most things in life I wouldn't mind having a do-over.

I became friends with one of the landscapers who was extremely friendly at first but then began trying to take advantage of me occasionally by asking me for money and rides. I also made friends with another person who asked me to let him use the office phone and such when we were hanging out in my apartment, the model unit, where I was staying. This unit did not have a phone.

Self confidence issues kept me from searching for higher caliber friendships and I did not have my normal group of friends around in North Carolina to fall back on. This left me in an emotionally precarious situation. While I seem to be past it relatively unscathed I would say if there is a moral to this story one might be that we should always strive for the best and never settle for what is coming easiest at any point in time. And we should always try to remember to believe in ourselves and try to see the positive in life while being aware of, but not focusing on, the negative, except maybe to make it better.

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