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Autumn in Utopia - The Cultural Revolution - w/ prelude

Autumn in Utopia - Prelude

A New Mythology

Everyone simultaneously leaves their work places and goes home. This includes bank and government officials so no one remains to take over and evict people from their homes as the police have left too. A new type of organization is developed. Everybody shares the duties of driving the trucks and working on the farms. Food is provided to you at your house or apartment or street corner or tent community. Everybody works an average of 6 months out of the year. The rest of the time is spent living resourcefully and sustain-ably.

Crime is reduced because all needs are provided for.

The new society involves less work and more natural beauty. Less time spent in office buildings. Fewer office buildings. And more parks and forests. There is less emphasis on cars and types of cars, parking lots, roads and more emphasis on the natural beauty of Earth which cannot be recovered once gone for thousands of years. More attention is paid to the real and less to the artificial. More emphasis on humanity and less on responsibility. Less on the finite and more on the infinite.

The infinite being God and the finite being that of man.

There's too much work being done by too few of people. We need to spread the work around more and put less emphasis on great accumulation of wealth.

Autumn in Utopia – Chapter 1 - Setting Out

Waxing gibbous shining bright as I go for a walk on an autumn night. I walk down the sidewalk and a cool breeze blows. Oaks and maples are in its throes. Small branches are falling on the sidewalk below. Halloween decorations are in the yards. Gravestones, witches, and pumpkins carved. In the clear bright sky are thousands of stars. On the streets below are many cars. People are in the houses, not outside. I wonder why it is they choose to hide. Thousands of people are in the vicinity. Yet here on the street is peace and tranquility.
I get into my truck and go for a drive. I've got a big 18 wheeler and I'm driving to the power plant to pick up a load because it's a nice night for a drive. Nobody works anymore because they have to or are required to. Everybody works now simply because they want to. I know Grady at the plant will have a load I can pick up and tomorrow I will haul it to the processing facility. There is always work to do now and nobody really wants for anything because everybody wants to work.
The engine rumbles as I go on my way. I wave hello to some kids at play. I think what an awesome day. Just last year we were all enslaved.

Autumn in Utopia – Chapter 2 - The Conflict

Someone retaining capital and power from the days of capitalism is attempting to buy people off and control them for his advantage again. He is trying to make money off of them by offering them money. That way he can get them to do what he wants while retaining a dominant position for himself and his family for years to come. He also instills this hope in his followers. That they may be able to hold a position above others to where they can have material goods and leisure of a higher level than they are able to now under the policy of cooperation. His name is James Maverick.

I pull into the power plant and go in to see Grady. It is 10:30pm on Monday.
“Grady. How are you?” I ask.
“Just fine Walt. Did you know Maverick was in here? He offered Stuart a hundred thousand dollars a year to be his partner and run the place. He's also got a bank project he's working on. Says he's got investors and everything.”
“You don't say.” I reply. “Trying to get the great scam back in place I see.”
“Yeah,” Grady responds. “Stu didn't take him up on it but Maverick says he'll be back.”
“I'd better talk to Stuart.” I say.

Chapter 3 – The Conversation

“Stuart my man. How are ya?”
“Good Walt. I suppose you heard about Maverick?”
“Yeah. What's that all about?”
“He's trying to entice people with money. That old system again. What a waste. Having to keep track of everything so you can see who's got what and how much. It's all based in fantasy.” Stu says.
“I agree. Keeping track of everything. We have eliminated over fifty percent of labor just by not keeping track and worrying so much about how much everybody's got or taking.” I reply.
“Next time he comes down here,” Stuart smiles, “I'm going to tell him to buy his own power plant and quit using ours at no cost to himself or his neighbors up on the hill in those big houses. They look like museum pieces. I'm surprised those people aren't still wearing wigs and bell skirts.”
We laugh.
“Some people just can't seem to keep up with the pace of the changes in the world.” I declare.

Chapter 4 – The Deconstruction

Today is the second day of October and I am going to the deconstruction site to see if I can help. There are people on the heavy equipment tearing down office towers with cranes, bulldozers, and dump trucks. Someone there decides that they will show me how to work a heavy mover so I can help begin hauling things away. In this way I partake in the process of tearing down the building piece by piece.
Ultimately there will be very few buildings in Utopia when deconstruction is completed. Most of the land will be parks and forests. Many people live in small wooden huts in the forest choosing to live very natural and earthy lives. Food is brought in on the caravans that supply the out lands. It is composed of travelers and others who choose that line of work. Most of the food is hauled by compact electric vehicles which are recharged by the sun and hydrogen cells and also horse pulled carts are common. New forests are already being planted in previously torn down downtowns and office sites.
Concerts are common in the forests with different musical groups showcased daily and hourly. On my way home from deconstructing the building I stop at an ongoing showcase. Some friends are in the band and the audience as well.
“Jimmy. Nick. How's hap's?” I ask my friends.
“Hi Walter.”
“Hey Walter.”
“What cha eatin'?” I ask.
“Zucchini bread.” Nick replies. “You should grab some. There's beer too.”
“Sounds great.” I reply and head toward the table.
The concert venue is a clearing in the woods outside the former town. Actually the forest is as of yet very small for it is newly planted. Utopia has yet to reach its planned state seeing as the Walkout only occurred a couple years ago.
The band plays and people dance. Children, adults, and teens. Some careen. Some serene. Some ponder the Pleistocene.

Chapter 5 – Education

Education is provided free of cost, of course, as money is no longer used in Utopia. Courses are pass or not pass. There are no mandatory general requirements. There are no regular eight hour days of classes.

Chapter 6 – The War

I am sitting at class when we first get word of the coming onslaught. All the powerful weapons of the capitalists directed upon us. They apparently maintain enough support and control to be able to mount this attack. The class is in an open clearing in the woods and we are sitting on log benches and writing on smooth wooden tables.
We hear a loud explosion as a nearby home is hit with a bomb. We see troops coming toward us. The occupying force and the troops immediately begin reinstating all the rules and regulations of before and what they call law and order. We are in danger of being re-enslaved but I think we have a clear enough doctrine and understanding that we merely have to peacefully resist the occupiers. We already have a model for resisting the occupation from when the peaceful revolution was accomplished the first time.

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