Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have nothing against individuals who inherit money but I am more concerned for those who don't. We are supposed to be a society of achievement based on work and not handouts. Yet handouts are inherent in our system so that is really a double standard in our society.

Very few people statistically inherit a lot of money but a lot of people are privileged through inheritance and not through achievement. This is on top of the advantages they already have such as a place in the family business or job in the corporation which led them to receive the large inheritance through a family member. Therefore the privileged receive advantages on top of advantages just because of the rules and laws of the system of society.

Taking away inheritance would benefit a larger proportion of people than it would hurt and it would help to level the playing field. This money could be used to cut the deficit, fix roads and infrastructure, educate the population, provide health care, and much, much more.

Therefore taking away the large inheritances of a privileged few for the greater good of society would help a far larger proportion of people than it would harm. So who are we going to cry for? The privileged few who lose their large inheritances or are we going to be happy for the enormous percentage of people who stand to gain by this change in our system of law and governance.

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