Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hell On Earth - The End of Aging

Hell On Earth

Death is a part of life which we will all experience. Until one day when the elite figure out a way to stop aging in the human body and create a situation in which all of our bodies behave like children's bodies, creating new cells as old ones die off. In this manner older people will regress back to their childhood states. They may be able to choose an age they would like to remain at.

Of course this offer will most likely only be given to the rich and the elite who can afford it. The poor will be allowed to die. The rich will then continue to have families and raise children and only the poor will be allowed to die in true Capitalistic style. The dead will look upon the people of Earth from their place eternal or will if they can. They may not be able to see the people of Earth but Earth will have become the eternal hell for those who choose to remain for they will not experience the natural course of life but will remain in an artificial state on a decaying planet. The joke will be on them.

The rest of the people will experience the beauty of the ever-after and the natural course of existence.

Chapter 2

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