Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raining In Cayenne - Thought Kernels

Structured Society

Born into a structured society and thus not free
It may be hard to find a job you like without a degree
A degree involves going to school but school may not be for you
Sitting in a chair being lectured at,
With so many things with the potential to distract
So much background noise can destroy our poise
Images on tv and expensive toys
Commercials and advertisements displaying girls and boys
Featuring many things both positive and negative
And these are mainly from a white person's cultural perspective

Corporate Dependence

People buy each other nice things to show how much they care
To show that they are loved
Yet pennies are handed down from the hands of those above
The livelihoods of many depend on the corporate structure
Crossing international boundaries
Transcending national identities
Corporate control and dependence.

Business Man

Thinks the world revolves around him
About him does the world spin
He can do it so can you
Lazy poor with nothing to do
Builds his ego around career
Controls his life from far and near
Whatever thoughts where he must go
Delusions of grandeur are in his thro'

(No harm meant to any specific business men. Just my personal expression.)

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