Saturday, March 6, 2010

Predator and Al Qaeda versus the U.S.A. and Aliens

Chapter one.

Saturday March 6th, 2010. Yucca mountain. Colorado. U.S.A. Researchers studying Yucca mountain for possible nuclear storage facilities are startled to find large eggs of an unknown creature. Tom Jenkins calls back to base, “Owoduni. We have an interesting find here. Large eggs of an unknown species. Possibly alive. We might want to change the focus of our research here. I'll send you some pictures.”
“Look at this one!” Jia Li exclaims as the top of one of the eggs unfurls like a self opening banana. She backs away a little bit and they watch in nervous excitement. As they watch a crab like creature exits the egg and moves with extreme rapidity toward Jia Li. She screams as it chases her up the cavern in the direction of the entrance which is about a hundred yards away.
Julie and Tom run after her. “Run Jia!” They exclaim in unison as the creature flies up into the air and lands on the back of her head. Jia falls to the cavern floor screaming and Tom and Julie catch up to her. They watch in terror as she struggles with the crab like creature, it's tentacles clinging to her head and drawing around her face. Jia utters some muffled incomprehensible sounds. Tom and Julie grab onto the grotesque crab creature but cannot budge it. Tom dials 911 on his phone.

Chapter two.

Meanwhile in a cave in Afghanistan..Predators are feeding delightfully on Alien babies. “Ooo oo,” exclaims one Predator, snacking on his new found delicacy. The Predators guard the al Qaeda residents of the cave who have been plagued by these creatures. Sometimes the al Qaeda members bring back captives and torture them by allowing them to be exposed to the crab like creatures. The Predators have given al Qaeda the use of the technology of their arm strapped suicide bomb device and al Qaeda plans to use it the next day in the upcoming presidential elections in Kabul.

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