Sunday, March 28, 2010

End of Aging - Mass Production (ch.4)

The End of Aging

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The End of Aging Chapter 4 McDonald's Style Genetics

Perhaps the previous scenario was too uncharitable toward our friends the “elite.” Perhaps they will generously make the anti-aging technology cheaper and widely available to everyone as we have found in many examples of mass production. How would this scenario play out?

As the price of genetic modification becomes more affordable for everybody the amount of people who forgo aging will increase. There could be a sort of inbreeding effect as the gene pool becomes less variant or more charitably perhaps people who undergo the treatment will be sterile and unable to reproduce. This could be a side effect of the treatment or it could be incorporated into the treatment as a solution for over-population. This would be perhaps a somewhat less sinister outcome than the previously outlined examples where the poor are left to die while the elite live forever. Genetic modification to end aging would upset the natural course of humanity and the cycle of life but it could present a solution to some of the problems humanity is facing because of the effect we are having on the planet we live on.

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