Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Constantly Learning - Today and the Web

Constantly Learning

School mimics life
I am learning about using the web for business
Social Networking tools to increase sales
Or to make sales
My homework for one of my classes is basically to do more of what I am already doing.
Can't beat that.
I already need to stay focused and be productive. I already know that.
Now when I do so it benefits myself twofold.
Generally and specifically.
Specifically being that it is homework for class.
Generally being that it creates content on the web for people to view and increase their awareness of what I am doing and what I can offer them.

This seems to “beg the question” of what exactly it is that I can offer them. I may be able to sell them some of my music or I may be able to play at their bar with my band. I may be able to teach them guitar. I may be able to write a product review for their business or I may be able to actually come in and work at the office in some type of clerical role.

This is all possible and can be catalyzed through using the world wide web to advertise and market my product which in my case is basically myself.

Reading on the web we are constantly learning. Here is a link.


As I read this entertaining article about photography I am not only entertaining myself but increasing my skill set. Therefore I may be able to take an interesting photograph that has value just by chance or I may be hired by somebody to take pictures for them for an occasion or event.

Constantly Learning

What a beautiful tool is the Internet and the World Wide Web.

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  1. Are you getting more interested in photography? I am like a tutorial queen! Richard Minervity on Twitter is always posting some kind of tutorial or good techie article.