Monday, October 25, 2010

Society Needs to Exhibit Personal Responsibility for its Members

Society Needs To Exhibit Responsibility for its Members

Society does need to take responsibility for its members. There are many people who believe in personal responsibility meaning that people should take responsibility for their place in life and not blame anyone else or society in general. Personal responsibility in this sense is real however it should not be used as a scapegoat for any culpability of society.

Employers create jobs for people and while this is commendable, what kind of jobs they are creating for people is important too. Are these jobs ones that pay well enough for people to live off of or are they simply jobs that will provide a substandard of living for these employees? It is lucky that many things in the United States are generally cheap so that people with modest means can still get by while others with far more money than they need hang on to it for whatever reason. Corporations instead of investing in society and infrastructure save their wealth so that they can merge with competitors and thereby increase their value to shareholders and executives alike. All the while they have armies of employees working for $10 dollars an hour or less being led by employees making $20 to $30 dollars an hour or more, depending on the position.

As a society, instead of having a profit motivated, get rich, mentality we should really be providing healthy opportunities for all and sharing in the successes and failures of our society together as one country united. There is an over-emphasis on individualism in the current political and economic climate. We could do so much better as a team working for everybody's success instead of as individual competitors working for our own success and hoping to degrade others as failures and losers. Let's lose this culture of negativity and really work together as one people united with more of a together we stand divided we fall type of ideal.

We should have a more self-less ideal where we are really pulling for and rooting for everybody to succeed and do well. We should not have this competitive dog eat dog, achieve success on the backs of others mentality. Let's not fall for it. Sure there are smart people and leadership qualities are important but let's not believe that these leaders deserve all the respect and recognition while we get very little for what we do. Let's have some personal respect and faith in ourselves and demand what we deserve from our society, the government, and employers alike.

Society needs to have some responsibility for how it takes care of its members and how its members are doing. People do not exist in a vacuum. We are all in this together.

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