Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Society and Responsibility pt. ii

Society needs to have some responsibility for how it takes care of its members and how its members are doing. People do not exist in a vacuum. Those who have accumulated great wealth have done so because of society. Society has allowed them to achieve these goals. Now we say people should work for their money which is all well and good but the pay scale is another matter. The pay scale should be fair. The pay scale should be better regulated so that everybody gets a fair share for their labor. The owners, executives, and shareholders should not be allowed to receive unduly large quantities of money. At a certain point the money should be distributed back to employees, schools, other businesses, and society in general. That way we all may benefit from the products of society which we all contribute to.

People made their money with the coordination of society. Without society they would have nothing. Without the rules and laws that allowed them to gain great wealth they would have nothing. That is why we should change the laws so that we all may live healthy lives and prosper for if we allow a few people percentage-wise to take all the excess profit after making their payroll and what not we are leaving the rest of the population in a precarious position during crises and economic turmoil for there is nothing left for them to fall back on. In a worst case scenario only the wealthy elite would have any means for sustaining themselves while the masses were left to starvation.

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