Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tonight, the moon and the lake, outside.

Tonight. 10/21/2010. Thursday.

The moon above the lake..and all the airplanes waiting their turn to land on the stars burning bright and moving around underneath the heavens.. The moon shines brightly on the water lighting up a vast expanse from the horizon outward. Closer on the water it sparkles like a firey glitter. The tree nearby gives me a sense of security and something to hold onto while it holds the ground together around the cliff. The air is cool and I think to myself I had better get some gloves soon.

The airplanes thunder overhead one after another with gaps of a couple minutes between each flight. Mostly smaller airplanes over here because Milwaukee is a smaller airport than say a Chicago. Being in touch with nature is the greatest feeling and a must to really keep on track in life and going in the right direction. I love being outside usually even in the winter. I am glad to be back in an area where I am close to the lake and there are some nice parks around with beautiful views. A five minute drive and I am there.

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